How to Humanize Your Business

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In our previous post about online reputation management, we briefly mentioned how social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help humanize your business.

By showcasing the human side of your business, you can establish trust, build relationships, and ultimately drive conversions. In this blog post, we’ll outline ten tips to help you start reminding your customers that you, and your employees, are just like them.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Showing some behind-the-scenes content is a great place to start. By sharing images and videos of your team hard at work, attending meetings, or out for a night on the town, you connect with your clientele by reminding them that your secretaries, salespersons, doctors, or mechanics are just like them.

Speak Like Your Audience

No matter who you’re talking to, nobody wants to feel like they need a dictionary to understand what you’re saying. Avoid technical jargon and talk like a human being.

And always try to think about how your customers talk. Don’t send a thousand emojis if you’re trying to sell a mobility scooter to a retiree. And if you’re trying to sell shorts to teenagers, don’t talk like you would to your grandmother. Read your audience, learn their expectations, and adjust accordingly.

Have a Sense of Humor

Whether at home or work, sometimes you’ve got to buckle down and deal with serious issues. But not all the time—sometimes you need to relax and, well, be human. Make a joke or poke fun at yourself or others light-heartedly.

And if you’re looking for more about this topic, make sure to check out this excellent blog post from Connection Skills about using humor at work.

Engage With Your Followers

Don’t be afraid to chat with your customers; after all, social media allows near-instantaneous communication with anyone, anywhere. Take advantage of it.

If your company isn’t actively posting on social media or promptly responding to all types of feedback, then why should someone take the time to interact with your business?

Show them you care. It’ll make them care, too.

Sign Posts With Your Name

We’ve all gotten an email from “The _____ Team” or “The _____ Crew” thanking us for our business. But there’s just one problem: it sucks. The team didn’t send that email. A person did. Signing emails with your real name adds a personal touch that resonates with your reader. After all, they’re a person, too. They want to talk to a person. Not some nebulous group in corporate America.

Admit Mistakes

As much as we might not like to admit it, we all make mistakes. You, or your employees, will make mistakes, too. And that’s okay. Nobody is perfect.

But the worst thing you can do is sweep them under the rug. Admit your mistakes; if someone leaves you a bad review, work with them to try and solve it. Promise to do better next time. Ask them to give you a call. Going above and beyond to right this wrong will build trust with potential customers.

Show Your Values

This one is rather self-explanatory: people like others who share their beliefs. Take a stand and support positive change.

For example, if your business is dedicated to sustainability, you can post content about environmental initiatives, tips for reducing waste, or highlight an eco-friendly change around the office.

If you’re an animal lover, donate to a local animal shelter, have a donation jar, or let your customers know there are some four-legged friends in need of a new home.

Just a word of advice, only tackle non-controversial issues so your business doesn’t alienate potential customers.

Share Personal Stories

Having your employees share personal experiences can help humanize your company. It gives your audience a chance to connect with the individuals behind the company, allowing them to subconsciously become emotionally invested. Moreover, personal stories can effectively convey your organization’s values, beliefs, and unique personality.

You could also highlight customer experiences. For example, if you’re a dentist’s office, talk about a difficult case whose life was dramatically improved by your excellent care. If you are a beauty salon, highlight an amazing transformation.

Express Gratitude

Next time your business wins a large contract, opens a new location, or celebrates a win, take a moment to thank those who made it possible—your employees and customers. By publicly using your moment of triumph to thank the “little guys,” you’ll increase both customer and employee loyalty going forward. After all, we all like being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Everyone’s got a story. So does your business. How did your business grow into what it is today? What triumphs has your business celebrated, and what setbacks did you overcome? How about personally? How have you—or your employees—grown personally and professionally?

Don’t be afraid to share your brand’s history, mission, values, and vision for the future.

And that’ll do it for this post; thanks for sticking with me! Now, go forth and make sure your customers remember what makes your business great—your people.

And if you need help, you can always contact us at HowdWeDo for a 14-day free trial of our online reputation management software.




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